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, but she's running as one, and meanwhile, tommy thompson, who was the four term governor of wisconsin, is running a tired campaign and not appealing to voters. my favorite race, paul, is the one in arizona which should not be tight, a very red state and the reason that's important is because jeff flake, a taxpayer hero, made his career in the house as mr. anti-earmark, all, he's being attacked in arizona by some republican business groups for not bringing home the bacon. >> paul: but i've been told that that race has turned toward jeff flake in the last week and a pretty comfortable lead and likely to win. >> i agree. >> what about the problem of candidate talent? todd aiken had-- >> some self-inflicted wounds and you mentioned tommy thompson and jeff flake, primary races left them bloody for the general election, and tommy thompson had no money or negatives and that's hurt as well. not only the candidates sometimes, it's the primary process. >> there's more competition on the republican side, that's what the primaries have suggested. there's ferment inside the republican party. on th
-- >> some self-inflicted wounds and you mentioned tommy thompson and jeff flake, primary races left them bloody for the general election, and tommy thompson had no money or negatives and that's hurt as well. not only the candidates sometimes, it's the primary process. >> there's more competition on the republican side, that's what the primaries have suggested. there's ferment inside the republican party. on the democratic side, less so, but an interesting thing about the democratic party and kim strassel wrote about this in her column this was, with the exception of elizabeth warren in massachusetts virtually all of these candidates are running in the political center or even to the right of center out of sync completely with the national democratic party. >> paul: let's give our viewers a flavor of that. >> i'm heidi hidecamp if you want a senator that only votes the party line either way out on one side or the other then you'll probably not your candidate. i'll do what's right, that's why i stood up to president obama with the balanced budget amendment and the keystone pipeline and cap
tammy baldwin defeated republican tommy thompson in wisconsin senate race, becoming the first openly gay u.s. senator. election day also saw voters decide on a series of landmark ballot initiatives to rewrite state laws. advocates of marriage equality ended tuesday with four out of four victories, as voters legalized same-sex marriage in maine and maryland, upholding same-sex marri washington state and defeating a measure to ban same-sex marriage in minnesota. in addition to same-sex marriage, maryland voters also affirmed the dream act, allowing undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition. in florida, voters defeated a measure that called for amending the state constitution to restrict abortion rights and bar public funds from funding abortions. in california, voters defeated ballot measures to repeal the death penalty and another that would have required labeling of genetically modified foods. a separate measure to ease penalties for nonviolent offenses under california's three strikes law was approved. california voters rejected measure that would have curbed the political inf
words for him, tommy thompson. tommy thompson lost wisconsin. tommy thompson was not a tea party candidate. tommy thompson is about as establishment as they get, and yet he, too, lost. i also learned that karl rove and the crossroads didn't actually focus group test their ads. they're so smart they just put up ads they thought were persuasive persuasive. turns out they weren't persuasive. yes, you need to have masters of data but you also need to have relationships with communities. the republican party has abandoned that model. when you look at african-american vote, latino vote, women's vote, all these votes, you have to have a relationship with them. then you build tres. then the ads will matter. lacking that, you're just a liar with a good ad. >> mr. tier, thank you for burying mr. karl rove and ken vogel, thank you both. >> coming up, next, a busy day for the president at the white house and we have the very latest. stay with us. frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement, get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something.
of tommy thompson last year -- this year who was the dreamed republican candidate in that senate race. former governor, four terms, popular name. he couldn't run as moderate tommy thompson but tommy thompson promising to get rid of medicare and how he got the nomination and republican the base from revolting. those are the terms of debate within the party that's acceptable. we don't know now and it's a process and are those terms of debate and on taxes and entitlements, the safety net -- >> steve let me cut you off. we have tape of the president. let's go to that now. >> well, listen. this is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet with my full cabinet for the first time since the election took place. the primary purpose for my perspective is to say thank you because everybody here in their respective agencies has done a remarkable job on behalf of the american people. across the board on a wide range of issues. they've always prioritized how do we make sure that we have a strong middle class, how do we grow our economy, put people back to work and keep the american people safe and con
behind. and in wisconsin former gop governor tommy thompson is locked in a nail-biter with democratic congresswoman tammy baldwin who could become the first openly gay senator. >> your voices will be heard. >> reporter: when the votes are counted, analysts predict the new senate could be even more narrowly divided than it is now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, cleveland. >>> well, the chris christie, barack obama relationship grows even stronger. details are next. plus, the cast of the "jersey shore" is putting their stamp on hurricane sandy. >>> just a little bit of rain in the northwest for election day. it clears out, though, for a really nice tomorrow. that forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> more than a week after sandy's historic assault on the northeast, many residents of the new jersey shore are starting to get their first up-close look at the destruction to their homes and their businesses. at one low-income housing project in brooklyn, new york, many still don't have power or heat as they cope with bitter cold. >>> the unusual alliance formed between new je
the first openly gay person to win a u.s. senate seat by defeating tommy thompson. republicans were supposed to gain a senate seat in missouri. cbs news projects claire mccaskill will keep her seat. >> you'll have a voice in the united states senate that makes you proud. >> reporter: comments about rape sank the candidacy of todd akin. tara mergener, for cbs news, washington. >> and here is a look at some of the other senate race winners. the gop picked up a seat in nebraska. fischer will fill the seat vacated by ben nelson. and in arizona, republicans will keep the seat held by jon kyl. jeff flake beat richard carmona. in maine, angus king won the seat being vacated by olympia snowe. for more analysis on the state of the congress, here's senior political reporter. >> reporter: president obama will not have long to celebrate his election night victory. congress will soon be coming back to debate the fiscal cliff. this is the combination of spending cuts and tax hikes that economists say could plunge the united states into recession if it takes effect at the end of the year. now, house speake
wisconsin who took on the four-time gov. tommy thompson. and tammy baldwin will now be the first openly gay senator in this country. and she is the first woman senator from wisconsin. she has made history. but it does not only about electoral politics. what happened in wisconsin was profound. people across the political spectrum organizing against the attack on public unions that we are seeing everywhere, especially on teachers, as if there is a new terrorist. teachers, when you think of the teachers i think when i -- i think of the revered when i was growing up, the ones that are thought of as wrecking society, that is not how the people in wisconsin felt. it took over the capitol building. i saw some of the biggest man i had ever seen in my life, the oshkosh prison guards, and i said to them what are you doing in the capitol building? taking it over. so who do vote for? >gov. walker. why? he did not say that he would go after our teachers and their wives and our nurses. i saw someone in the freezing cold outside, an older gentleman with white parents over glasses marching with a sign sayi
baldwin taking on the four-term governor, tommy thompson. >> i have known tammy baldwin since the early 1990 costs. around the time i met her when she was serving as a state representative representing madison, she was a progressive local politician. i was also thrown out of the government not -- the governor's mansion by tommy thompson on immigration issues and issues that had to do with his welfare reform. he was like a machine politician in wisconsin who was also bush's health and human services secretary and pushing the end >> threat region -- pushing the anthrax threat. the fact that he came back is mystifying to some people, but tammy baldwin is going to be the first openly gay woman a elected to the senate, and she is a pretty aggressive politician. i have had debates with her over the years. generally speaking, she is from the ross fine gold school of politics, which coming off of ron johnson, tammy baldwin is replacing basically an old fogy politician. his slogan was, and nobody's senator but yours. >> she is a colleague of congressman paul ryan. >> paul ryan is on the ballot b
for the former the governor tommy thompson and tammy baldwin. the headline of -- in virginia, where sulman takes on a governor. -- a virginia congressman takes on a governor. tommy thompson on the ballot for 8, wasrst time since 199 almost knocked out in the qualifying round against three more conservative and vendor candidates. spending on outside groups top of every other senate race in the country. roves group put out $5 million alone. again, the numbers will be on your screen. to tell us about the house and senate elections in your state. rob up first. on our line for democrats. good morning. how are you? caller: think you for c-span. host: are you in an area affected by sandy. caller: the area where i live on the upper east side, we are doing ok. but downtown manhattan is doing better now. the understand they are starting to get their electricity back. we are ok on the upper east side. host: are there concerns about how people might be affected with election day? caller: not in this neighborhood. i am sure there are in some neighborhoods. they are talking about making the arrangements eithe
, eric, study well. in kaj a hoag georgi cuyahoga county. martha: there is tommy thompson in a tight race. they are neck-and-neck right now in the senate race in wisconsin. this is west alice wisconsin. that is where we find mitt romney this morning. he will start his day in wisconsin and head to the all important state of ohio. we'll be back with that live after this. honey, thehave e 55 inch lg... [ mom ] we already have a tv. would you like to know more abo it? yeah, but let me put my wife on speaker. hi! hi. it's led and it has great picture quality. i don't know... it's ultralim... maybe next year. you cod always put it on layaway and pay a little at a time. alright. we'll take it! ah! i love you! hmm! ahem. football. [ male announcer ] shop now. get the hottest brands on your list today... like the lg 55 inch led tv. and put it on layaway now so you have more time to pay. walmart. martha: fox news alert that gets a look at where both of the candidates are right now. we are waiting for mitt romney's speech. you can see tommy thompson on the left side of your screen. he's in a very ti
baldwin is up about two points over tommy thompson. >> every poll but one has her up from two to six. >> if baldwin wins and if it gets called for baldwin, can we assume it's going to go with obama? or all bets are off in wisconsin? >> he's actually outpolling her by two points. the answer to that is, yes, i think so. keep in mind when the recall came out, what did people walk out of the exit poll saying? when someone says to you walking out of a voting booth, they say to you, i voted for walker but the reason i did is because he deserves the right to have four years and i'm for barack obama. that tells you serve you need to know. it goes to your point which is people will split tickets in certain states. they'll do it in virginia. will we see a ton of romney/kaine ticket splitter? will we see any allen/obama ticket splitters? none. >> what happens if tommy thompson wins. >> everybody on the ground tells me thompson is not going to win. the reason being the female vote and obama has been in that state since the day that paul ryan was announced as the vp running mate. he's got a ton o
of whether it was tommy thompson or mitt romney or any of these other jokers across the country that just sort of collectively said, not them and it's got to be someone else. so that they basically closed the age gap that might have existed. women's health issues, particularly around reproductive health, obviously younger women have concerns. do you find there's an age divide on these issues? >> it was interesting. this year we did much more significant modeling than we've ever done in the past. we not only did the traditional choice model, if you will, do you support safe, legal abortion, but we also looked at favorability arounded plan parenthood and we did a model based on birth control. and the president's policy of expanded access and with insurance companies. we crunched all that together in the formula and kicked out these folks. it did reveal and entire group of people who were frankly less concerned on the abortion front. they weren't really bad but they were just less concerned, who we could talk to, but who were definitely from an age perspective very concerned about birth cont
baldwin is former governor tommy thompson. >> thompson beats by probably six or eight points. >> that many? >> yeah. the fact in the end everybody who is undecided will vote for tommy. you know the state well. would you say would you like a madison liberal in the u.s. senate? >> there's a newspaper, the green bay president gazette, it has endorsed gov. romney, republican. and it has endorsed tammy baldwin, a very liberal democrat and passed over governor thompson. >> that's a surprise. tommy thompson has won five straight races in the state. he helped invent welfare reform and helped invent school choice. he knows more about healthcare than almost any elected official in the country. and i campaigned with him two weeks ago. my instinct is he's going to win by probably a slightly bigger margin than romney is going to carry the state. >> missouri, senator mccassel and congressman aitkin. >> i've been campaigning out there, and i really like todd aitkin. i think he was given a bum wrap by the national establishment. she is a very obama-like voter in the state which voted 71% against obamacare
to run anyway and made them weak candidates. a good example was tommy thompson in wisconsin. should be the dream nominee. but to make sure the republican party base didn't revolt against him, he and went told the tea party group this year he wanted to phase out medicare. well, it was taped, popped up in the general election, you lose because of that. think of scott brown in massachusetts. very rare for a republican to win in massachusetts. brown did it in 2010. he voted for the blunt amendment this year and that became a big issue because -- so you even had candidates like scott brown and tommy thompson who could not be the strong candidates they should have been, and that has everything to do with the direction the republican party chose to go. >> here is the thing i think is -- i totally agree with all of that. and this is the thing i don't understand. this is not the first election cycle in which we have seen this dynamic at work. they had a dress rehearsal of how this was going to go in 2010, when they had sharron angle and christine o'donnell and lost all of those senate seats
part of her own fortune. polls show her behind. >> former gop governor tommy thompson is locked in a nailbiter with texas a&m ee baldwin who could become the first openly guy senator. >> your voices will be heard. >> when the votes are counted, analysts predict the new senate could be even more narrowly divided than it is now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, cleveland. >> last night on "hardball," president obama's campaign manager told chris matthews the stakes in the election are high for women. >> we need women to come out and vote. they support the president by double digits, we we need them to come out to the polls and vote tomorrow. in the usa today poll, in a lot of the state polling, he leads women by double digits. but now is the time when it matters to demonstrate support, when you come out to the polls. for those what are early voting, broad coalition of people, young people, women, african-americans, latinos, they're all coming out to cast a vote early for this president. >> rachel maddow, chris matthews and the rest of the lineup will have the special election coverage s
will be the first openly gay senator. she beats the former governor tommy thompson. and then and virginia, this was a close race, tim kaine comes out ahead, 52% to 48% over george allen. $80 million spent on this. tim kaine it got a 90% of the black vote and the military vote. george allen, 60% of the white vote. and moving on to nevada, the voters here split their vote. the statement to president obama but they voted for the republican senator dean heller, he edges out shelley. and in missouri, claire mccaskill is able to get out todd akin. this sought to be a republican seat for sure but she is able to keep her seat after those controversial remarks by todd akin a. sheet winds 55% to 39%. -- she wins 55% sun to 39%. all of these results on our web site c-span.org. host: read extend the olive branch to john boehner and mitch mcconnell ahead of a lame duck. i look to the challenges that we have had that i reach up to my republican colleagues in the senate and the house. let us come together, we know what the issues are, let us solve them he told an audience and the ballroom at the capitol
won by tommy thompson who had never lost a statewide race. >>> and the results of the election have provided a portrait of what may be a changing america. here is cecilia vega. >> a chicago victory to new york's times square. look at the faces, young, black, white, latino, men and women. voters whose diversity mirrors the people they put into office for a second time. >> when you look at the country, it's much more like the modern family of the country where there is minorities, gays and single woman than it was about the men country which is white male orientated. >> there are fewer of them. they are still a majority of voters, but this time their share of the electorate was the lowest ever. while governor romney won by big margin he still lost. that is because of all the groups that voted for president obama. think of them as the diverse modern family voter. first, there is minority. making up largest share of voters on record. latinos are now 10% of the electorate. more than twice as many unmarried women backing obama over romney. again he won big with young people. >> this elect
. >> baldwin comes the first openly gay senator in the nation, defeating tommy thompson. tim kaine held off a challenge by george allen. >> controversial statements regarding abortion did not sit well in missouri. was handed a resounding defeat by clare mccaskill. richard mourdock said a pregnancy during a rape was something that god intended lost his bid to represent indiana. >> allen west lost in a close race. michele bachmann will return to congress after it narrow victory. >> "yes" to the recreational use of marijuana in colorado. could possess up to an ounce of marijuana. washington state regulates taxes marijuana. massachusetts approved medical marijuana. 6:28. >> the people make their pick as a president obama heads back to the white house for a second term. i will have a wrapup of the presidential election >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. it looks like we will not be getting a direct hit by th
openly gay u.s. senator. tammy baldwin defeated tommy thompson. >> in massachusetts, democrat elizabeth warren defeats scott brown. the win makes warren the first woman elected to the u.s. senate from that state and returns the seat to democrats which was held by the late edward kennedy. >>> and colorado and washington state legalize marijuana for personal use by adults. both states won that measure in a close race. the same measure was shot down in oregon. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, reaction and a breakdown of last night's presidential results. they'll join us live after the break. >> and as we take you to the break, a live look outside. all is quiet right now but you know what that looks like. that's all i'm going to say. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. coming up next. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural fla
republican tommy thompson. in our new nbc news report, it's baldwin 48, thompson 47. in pennsylvania senator bob casey has a nine-point lead over republican tom smith. we'll be right back. >>> wow. we're back. the dirty angry money pouring into republican congressman joe walsh's race against tammy duckworth is soaring in the call >>> wow. we're back. the dirty angry money pouring into republican congressman joe walsh's race against tammy duckworth is soaring in the call pain's final week. walsh famously accused president obama of lying about the effects of not raising the debt ceiling back in 2011. let's watch that. >> president obama, quit lying. you know darn well that if august 2nd comes and goes there's plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all of our social security obligations. have you no shame, sir? in three short years, you've bankrupted this country and destroyed job creation. you're either in over your head, you don't understand what makes this country great, or you're hellbent in turning us into some european big government wasteland. >> well, whatever you think of that,
republican areas. he's running remarkable race. >> back to the tammy baldwin senate race against tommy thompson is one of the most recognized names. how is that going? >> we have one poll up with her a bit. one poll down. it looks like a tie now. >> turn out in wisconsin is one of the best states in the union when it comes to turn out. >> they tried to slow it down. the judges said they were unconstitutional so wisconsin is on track for a great big turn out. >> why hasn't paul ryan delivered the state of wisconsin to mitt romney? >> he has a political unknown in wisconsin. he's represented one-eighth of wisconsin and it wasn't a major media market. he's only been a big figure the last couple of years and he was introduced as a guy that wants to mess with medicare, medicaid and social security. >> what about political exhaustion? what's the enthusiasm of the people. they've had recall elections and petitions being signed. are they ready to rock and roll? >> they are. june was tough for wisconsin. they are looking add baldwin and obama and zerban as a chance to push back. >> good to have
,000 into the campaign. tommy versus tammy. tommy thompson is neck and neck with tammy baldwin. paul ryan state is democratic and baldwin's lead is within the margin of error. in missouri, republican todd aiken is staying in the senate race. his campaign was thought to be doomed after he made the comments about pregnancies that result from rape. >> it seem toz me, first of all, from what i understand from doctors, that is really rare. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> now, republican leaders, everyone from mitt romney and all the establishment pretty much urged akin to drop out. he refused. he's hoping to take the seat held by clare mccaskill. the polls show him leading on her and a last-minute of cash infusion for his campaign. a lot of races to watch very closely and you can believe we'll be doing that right here for you. >>> men and women dressed in camouflage in an area that looks like a war zone. this is not overseas, folks, this is new jersey looking for survivors left behind in the rubble by sandy. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk
win in wisconsin, tommy thompson is getting ham bettered by tammy baldwin. >> especially since scott walker has such an infrastructure. the question is, joy, you know, when it's all said and done, if they end up losing these seats and the republican party has a long session on the psych trust couch, will they say it's time to purge these radical ideas? >> no, i think they are embedded and they are calling the shots. look, all of the money that we've seen come into politics after citizens united, most of it has gone to enforce strict party discipline on the establishment republicans. the people most afraid of the tea party are people like john boehner who will get primaried if they walk away from them. i think it's so deeply embedded within the party and the base is so dependent on getting those people excited, they are not going anywhere. >> joy reid, ryan grim, thank you both for joining me tonight. if you want more on the upper chamber battle royale, i'll be dorking out and following the races on election night on the primetime election coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. with rachel, c
race and a battleground state, and the former hhs secretary beating tommy thompson and keeping the senate in democratic hands is important to avoid total gridlock. but even in mississippi he saves punches for romney. >> in this campaign mitt romney has tried to repackage the same old bad ideas and make them out to be new ideas. and try to convince you he is all about change, that the bad old ideas are change. we know what change looks like. >>reporter: this is a battle of the band, kid rock will place for mitt romney and the boss and jay-z here for the president. >>shepard: the nominees have been fighting it out for months and there is a battle behind-the-scenes building entire armies of lawyers thousands upon thousands of lawyers who are set to sprayed out across spring states reacting to the final numbers if they are close enough to contest, a legacy of the mess in florida in 2000. that recount fight went all the way to the supreme court and now 12 years later both campaigns are ready for whatever may happen in this race. some of the attorneys have based their years around co
will go next january. >> yes, i do. i think the race with tammy baldwin and tommy thompson, tammy baldwin is representative as congresswoman, that's going to be a very tight race. the race in montana where jon tester has been fighting an uphill fight in that state which is largey republican, and then nevada, going against the appointed senator dean heller there. those races are going to give the democrats if they're able to win any of them. i think they'll hold on to jon tester's seat. i think tammy baldwin will win and i have doubts of how it will go in nevada. 22 seats really when you add the independents or the 23 seats when you add the independents were available were vulnerable, open or contested yes this year the democrats have been able to hold that off and at the very least i think we'll maintain the 53-47 because i think king in maine who will win as an independent will actually be caucusing with the democrats. all they can do is better than where they are right now. i think that's terrific. >> jennifer: michael i would put heidi hyde's tamper in north dakota. i think the democra
could pull out the race. you have a number of races tight here. tommy thompson could pull out a win. nebraska, north dakota and montana. you have three races in traditionally blue states, besides missouri which is claire mccaskill. she is expected to win in that state. at least right now. but the polls are tight. missouri and pennsylvania, what of those? pennsylvania is the story of the night. romney wins and pennsylvania goes to tom smith against bob casey. then look what you have. 50 to 50 in the u.s. senate. if it's a president elect romney, lit be a vice president -- it will be vice president elect ryan. that is the tie-breaking vote in senate. republicans would control the senate. this is a good night for the republicans. what if scenario. democrats say they can change the tide on number of the different races. the what if could develop throughout the night. as we look at the balance of power. it's almost here. we will preview the 2012 election. with an expanded version of the fox all-stars, when we come back. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. i
former governor tommy thompson, 51% to 46%. the lone pickup was in nebraska where deb fischer defeated bob kerrey to grab a seat vacated by retiring democrat ben nelson. let's take a look at where things stand. two uncalled races here. this is for an open seat in north dakota would be if heidi . we have not called it. let me run through both of those just to show you the raw vote totals where we are now 0. there's still a lot of vote to count here. leads by 17,000 votes. that is everything that seems to be out. a lot of folks believe that will hold. i have a feeling this will take a little while longer. congressman rick bird only trailing by 994 votes. that's pretty good math for lack of sleep. democrats may pick up anywhere at least as many as eight seats. there it went. whoop. th camera wept down. hey look, better that it went down today than before. it looks like we have -- it's going to be as many as a net gain of eight seats, at worst four seats. joining me now is the man in charge of trying to pick up house seats. it was a tough night for house democrats when you consider everyth
congresswoman tammyballwin beat tommy thompson. >>> it was also a big night for supporters of gay marriage. measures legalizing same sex marriage passed in maine and maryland. and voters in minnesota rejected a ban on gay marriage. analysts say it's the first time gay marriage supporters have won at the polls indicating a major shift in public opinion. >>> two ballot measures legalizing recreational marijuana passed in colorado and washington. washington states initiative 5:02 would credit create a system of state licensed marijuana growers and retail stores where adults could buy up to an ounce of marijuana. it would also establish a blood test limit for driving under the influence. many legal experts though expect the justice department will sue to block i-502. 62% of voters voted no on mc. >>> let's check in with sal. sal, are they awake at the toll plaza in >> they are awake dave and pam. right now traffic is moving along a little bit it's good. but we will start with highway 17 because on 17 southbound at hamilton there is a crash there. i want to let you know quickly about the toll p
, republican tommie thompson lost to tammy baldwin the democrat by five points and his margin by women, admirably enormous by triple that, lost women by 15 points. massachusetts, scott brown republican incumbent lost by eight points overall and 18 points among women. the great state of huo republican josh mandel lost to sherrod brown by five points overall, his margin of defeat among women, 14 points, in montana, denny reberg lost by four points and by women, lost pie ni9. the republican won by one point and did it no thanks to women, lost wom been in six points so women did not support the guy who won, they supported the democrat shelley berkley and arizona senate ref flake won by five points. arizona women picked the democrat picked richard carmona. governor's race in indiana, republican mike pence was elected won by four points. if you asked women, they did not pick him. he lost the women's voice by five points. if indiana had their way, mike pence would not be the governor of that state. women chose the democrat john greg. north carolina was one of two states president obama won in
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